With vineyards in the most desirable locations within the Monterey AVA, we choose our best to not only be featured in Divum, but to also express the unique characteristics associated with our growing region.

The Monterey AVA is known for the influence of the Monterey Canyon, the deepest submarine gorge on the west coast of the United States.

The canyon brings a phenomenon known as upwelling, where wind pushes warm water near the surface away from the shore bringing the colder water near the bottom of the canyon up toward the surface. The cold water chills the wind blowing over the ocean, which as it hits land, generates fogs.

Each morning, as the sun rises, the southern end of the Salinas Valley warms up, creating a low-pressure effect that pulls the cool foggy air over the ocean and down the valley. Over the course of a day, the valley gradually heats from 50 to 70 degrees; a condition well suited for growing high quality cool climate varietals.

The influence of upwelling is apparent throughout Monterey County, but because our vineyards snug up to the base of the Gabilan Mountain Range, they are at an elevation where the foggy air doesn’t linger as long as it does in the balance of the valley. Our vineyards experience a more dramatic shift from high daytime temperature to cold nighttime air, which, coupled with the longer hang time, further enhances full varietal character.

Our vineyards also have the advantage of being located near a granite quarry. As you might have guessed, the top of our soil profile consists of two to three feet of decomposed granite followed by a heavy clay loam. Decomposed granite is well drained and perfect for viticulture. Unlike most crops, quality in wine grapes is highly correlated to challenging soils. Vines planted to decomposed granite tend to self-regulate themselves which will in turn produce smaller yields of intense complex flavors.

As important as our land is to our family, we believe it is even more important to the greater whole, which is why we choose to farm sustainably. The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance has developed a set of standards for farming responsibly. We have adopted and adhere to these standards for all of our farming practices across all of our vineyards. When you drink Divum, you are supporting your environment.